Call for Covid-19 Virus Anticipation

In connection with the transmission of the coronavirus that is rife, then:

  1. For employees, hand sanitizers are provided next to each fingerprint unit, it is expected to be used after a fingerprint or pressing the fingerprint button, after handling public facilities (ATMs, door handles, toilets, etc.), after coughing or sneezing “PLEASE USE IT AS NECESSARY, IF IT IS ONE TIME PRESSURE” Please be aware of each because of the scarce hand sanitizer stock, and if too much will cause dry hands.
  2. Employees who feel fever, sore throat, cough or flu, can ask for a mask to the Staffing Department, (ONLY FOR THE SICK), and if the symptoms get worse please be aware of his coming to the Medan Area Medical Services Center for examination and if symptoms are found – Symptoms which means a sick letter will be given, please do not be trivial and immediately get further health checks to the hospital if things get worse.
  3. Every soap in the bathroom sink will be provided with soap, employees are expected to diligently wash their hands and wash their faces with water and bring personal napkins or towels to dry their hands and face.
  4. It is recommended not to shake hands and keep a distance (at least 1 meter) to coworkers and cover your mouth with your hands or fold your elbows when coughing or sneezing and immediately wash your hands afterward.
  5. Reduce snacks on the roadside, multiply drinking warm water, and diligently doing ablution (for Muslims) to maintain the cleanliness of the face, throat, and nose.
  6. After work tries to take a shower immediately and do not touch family members before they are completely clean.

May we all be protected by GOD from diseases.

Best regards
Dr. Maysarah Utami Siregar, MKM
UMA Health Service Center Coordinator




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