Determination of D5 Data of Serdos I Wave Year 2020

Dear Participants of Phase I Lecturer Certification in 2020

We here by convey further information related to Teacher Certification for Lecturers (Serdos) for Phase I of 2020, as follows:

  1. Directorate of Resources is supported to upload D5 Serdos (DYS) data on the SISTER application.
  2. pass D5 data will be included in the implementation of the next wave of Serdos on D4.
  3. DYS Self-filling Period Period 13 to 20 May 2020.
  4. Final data on portfolio submission by PSD-PTU on 22 May 2020.
  5. DYS and PSD-PTU discuss the completeness of data and documents on DYS Curriculum Vitae (CV) such as assessment, research, publication, Pekerti / AA certificate (as a substitute for TKBI / TKDA). If until the deadline for filling the Self Description data and documents on the CV is not yet complete, the DYS portfolio system cannot be requested by PSD-PTU. This DYS will be included in the next wave of Serdos on D5.

Good attention and cooperation, we thank you.

Download “Penetapan Data D5 Serdos Gelombang I Tahun 2020” Surat-Penetapan-Data-D5-Serdos-Gelombang-I-Tahun-2020.pdf – Downloaded 161 times – 2 MB

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