Socialization of Operational Guidelines for Appraisal of Credit Score Raising Academic Position / Lecturer Rank of 2019 LLDIKTI Region-1 with North Sumatra PTS Leaders

“Socialization of Operational Guidelines for Evaluating Credit Scores for Academic Position / Lecturer Rank of 2019 Online with the Director of Resources”

The event was opened by Prof. Dian Armanto, M.Pd., MA, M.Sc., Ph.D as the Head of North Sumatra Region I LLDikti

The activities carried out online attended by the Lecturers at the University of Medan Area provided enormous benefits, especially to motivate lecturers who do not yet have academic positions.

Interviewees :

–  Dr. M. Sofwan Effendi, M.Ed.  (Director of Resources)

–  Prof. Dian Armanto, M.Pd., MA, M.Sc., Ph.D  (Head of LLDikti Region I)

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